a journey, a map, an imperative, voice of voices

Habita is a documentary project that is born to enter and to reflect the role of the awareness of territory and the cultural memory in the construction of our spaces for life, and the influence of these in the day to day of the people living there.

Material expressions such as the architecture and craft, and immaterial such as stories or music, are a source and hold collective knowledge, a language that writes the experience and the imaginary.

Habita wants to return and show the singularities of the human settlements that, in their popular independence, are a bastion of human and environmental bonds, to activate a conscience about the local and global context, current and timeless.

Habita is a journey, and is a map: a winding line that knits the reminiscences and assertions which take place in the territory. Therefore, is also a tool of visualization and contact, made by a series of concatenated tales of people and communities, a constellation of stories, a network of initiatives regarding respect and balance with the environment and with who live there.

Habita is an imperative, a voice of voices, that in a silent and strong way, perpetual and quiet, they speak about environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability; they whisper stories about continuity and struggle, they build independence, and they shout life.

The documentary turns into the means by which pursue this habitat, and through which we can collect its live memory and give it back in the shape of tales that could be listened and contemplated outside from the margins in which they have been created.