We are a team made up by three different profiles, united by an interest towards memory, land, and human spaces. We also shear the curiosity and flexibility as an attitude and vital motor.

Adriana Fernández , has a degree in Fine Arts by the UCM, currently she is making studies about Documentary and Cinematographic Creation in HBK saar Saarbücken (Germany). Her interests are listening and creating stories, she finds in everyday tellings a source of collective knowledge. Her practice pursues the construction of spaces to share its content and make easier its comprehension.

Antonio V. Sotgiu, has a bachelor and master’s degree in Land, Urban and Environmental Planning (University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy). He is a researcher of the rural environment, cabin builder, and storyteller of Meilogu, Sardinia. He is passionate for field experimentation, interpretation and reading of the territory from small to large scale and viceversa.

Ana Asensio, is an Architect graduated from the UGR with a research thesis in popular architecture and memory, and specialized in basic habitability and precarious human settlements by the UPM. A habitat activist, that shows through written and visual communication, and cultural action other ways of living and understanding the architecture as a reflection of human relations and expressions.